Deer Processing

Get the most out of your deer or any other wild game animal. We custom process your animal with a turn around time, including sausage, of usually 1-7 days. Your deer is stored in our coolers until it is processed. You receive your packaged and marked deer meat back; guaranteed. All are welcome to watch our system to assure your deer meat is returned to you.

Starting at $100


  • skinning
  • washing
  • cutting to specs
  • freezer wrapped

Add pork or beef to venison

  • $2.99/lb – Pork
  • $4.29/lb – Beef

7-10 day processing


  • 4.5# Salami $15.00
  • 4.5# Salami and Cheese $18
  • Snack Sticks Mild or Hot $6.50 per pound

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